Radon Testing

How do we test for and measure radon levels?

A Continuous Radon Monitor test, conducted by a licensed, radon mitigation specialist, is by far Bar Graphthe most accurate short-term radon test available for your home. This test typically provides a precise radon level reading in about 48 hours.

What to expect from your initial consultation:

  1. We will listen and talk to you about any radon related questions you may have.
  2. We will set up a radon monitoring device in your home that will gather current radon levels over a 48-hour period. We will then pick up the monitor, download and interpret the results for you.
  3. We will contact you with the results via email, along with our recommendation for a mitigation solution, if levels exceed the EPA standard (4 pCi/L). If levels meet or are below the standard, no preventative action is necessary.

Family KidFinal Step: Your Results & Our Recommendation

We will email a detailed report to you, explaining the radon levels detected during the monitoring process.  You will know right then if your home is within safe radon levels. 

Based on the results, either no further action will be necessary (for homes that meet the EPA standard) or if levels are high, we will talk to you about the best mitigation solution for your home.