Selling a Home

Home Sellers may choose to test for radon, as a part of the home appraisal/inspection process. The final results must then be disclosed on the “whole house disclosure form” you will complete with your realtor.Off chart

Test Results: Above the Acceptable EPA Standard
If radon levels are higher than EPA standards, you’ll need to address the issue in the real estate transaction to determine which party will be responsible for installing a radon mitigation system.

If you are selling your home, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Make the minimal investment to test your home for radon before you place your house on the market. If results show average or higher radon levels than the EPA standard, we recommend you install a radon mitigation system to reduce the radon levels to less than the 4 pCi/L EPA standard and minimize any potential (radon related) obstacles during the selling process.