New Home Construction

The best way to prevent radon in a new home is to install a mitigation system in the early stages of home construction. Why? New Home

  • The system can be installed within the walls, basement and attic of the home, instead of externally – resulting in a more aesthetic appearance.
  • It is an inexpensive addition to the total cost of your house and is an easy way to protect you and your family.

We collaborate with your home builder to determine the best time to install the system – then take the following steps to ensure the radon levels in your home are greatly reduced.

  • Lay polyethylene sheeting on top of the gravel layer or aggregate beneath the slab or flooring system.
  • Include a gas-tight venting pipe from the gravel level, up to the attic and out through the roof.
  • Seal and caulk the foundation thoroughly.

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