Commercial Testing

Office BldgIf you are a commercial property owner/manager,
Clean Air Radon Solutions can provide a mitigation solution to reduce the radon levels in your commercial space, to within EPA standards.

Radon testing, for public and commercial buildings, is more involved than residential testing services. In a larger commercial space, there is increased air movement from HVAC systems, different occupancy times and unusual radon entry points. These factors make radon levels more difficult to test. There are stringent guidelines for radon measurement in commercial buildings and we are licensed to perform radon tests in these structures.

If you need to set up radon testing as part of your indoor air quality management, please call Clean Air Radon Solutions at 614-915-5614 to set up an appointment.

What We Will Need:

  • A copy of the building floor plan
  • A quick phone interview to determine the best testing strategy and cost
  • Contact us via e-mail or by phone at 614-915-5614, today!